Innovation licensing has been bringing products to market for over 20 years.

When you sell a patent to a big company, you could get a big payout for your invention but you’ll lose any future rights over it. Licensing allows you to keep the rights to your patent while also making a great financial gain. 


New Product Licensing


Our manufacturing is all in-house with two facilities each capable of building a wide range of products. We are also sought out by other manufacturing plants for our expertise. 

New Product Marketing


 We license products to a wide range of vendors and the Big Box stores we have relationships with. This strategy is a win/win for us and inventors. We also help with High-Tech products through manufacturing and patent sales. 

Invention Product Marketing


With multiple warehouses, we are able to store your product across the country to optimize shipping costs and times guaranteeing your product gets to its destination quickly.

Innovation Licensing Has Four Types Of Patent Licenses

Non-exclusive License

In this contract, the license for the patent can be granted to more than one party, and all of them can maintain control over it and bring it to the market. You can also create the product yourself using the profits from the license rotalites. This is the most flexable option.

Sub Licenses

This is a process where the licensee has the right to issue a license to different organizations for the making of the product. In other words, the licensee has the right to giving the license further to a third party who can create the product.

Exclusive License

In an Exclusive License, there is the transfer of ownership by the patent holder. The only thing which the licensee cannot do is license the patent to anyone else. It is exclusively granted. Usually, the licensor will pay more to acquire the license to help block competitors.

Compulsory License

A little complicated, and usually reserved for pharmaceutical patents, compulsory licensing is when the government allows someone else to practice your patented invention – even against the will of the patent owner – for a set amount of money.

Our clients say

"It took Innovation Licensing three months to manufacture and bring my product to market. We sold 18,000 units so far. Thanks."
Laura Simonek
Patent Owner
"They made it look easy. It took me six years of trying to get my product out there with no luck. Out of no where, they contacted me about my patent and the rest is history. I have cornered the market on Amazon with their help "
Wayne Anderson
Patent Owner
"My hardest part in the whole process was manufacturing. I had no idea what I was doing. They took over and did it for me but showed me how. I am in your debt"
Karl Thomas
"The took my dual hairbrush and made it exactly the way I wanted. I recommend them to anyone who has an invention or patent."
Felisa Wedlock
Patent Owner

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